Karen’s Blog

I got together with my 2 sisters last week because it was my sister Linda’s birthday. I have always been very close to my sisters…even though we have our tiffs! […]

Sean’s Blog

I think with everything going on surrounding the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the fact that the Marathon is fast approaching, I wanted to give you my take on what […]

Ralphie’s Blog

I admit, I am addicted to my iPhone. I am one of those that check what’s going on as soon as I wake up. First, just to make sure I […]

Tuesday’s Tail

Introducing the super-fluffy and super-wiggly and super-social Theo! Our 6 year-old petite Poodle is a Cape Cod MSPCA resident because of divorce. So typical of his breed, Theo is highly […]

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