The Morning Q 6-12

Karen’s Question

Today, on the air with Karen and Sean, they reminisced about their first money making job. Sean raked in the money by caddying at a golf course where Karen opted to work at a bakery at age 15. Listeners called in with their first job titles, which included being employed by McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts.

O.P.P. (Other People’s Problems)

Later in the segment, a listener emailed looking for advice on what to do with a female coworker who is starting to dress down in skimpier clothing at the office. Even though summer weather is approaching, the listener is uncomfortable with her clothing choices, believing she is not dressed properly for the work environment. The dilemma being faced was does the employee rat her out to human resources or tell her to put more clothes on? Listeners called in with their input, most agreeing to rat her out.

Karen’s Nearly Impossible Trivia

Then, of course, we have our daily trivia which Karen asked listeners, “in the average U.S. household, people do this 38 times a day.” The answer naturally involved food since the average U.S. household opens the fridge door 38 times a day!

Blake’s Buzz

And to end the show with some celebrity gossip, sources are claiming Adam Levine is apologizing to past girlfriends for the way he treated them. He wants to have a clean slate before he weds  fiancée model Behati Prinsloo this summer.