The Karen and Ralphie Morning Show

KarenRalphieThe Karen and Ralphie Morning Show with hosts Karen Blake and Ralphie Marino from 6am to 10am weekdays. An engaging and interactive feature with music, gossip, entertainment, and current event.

What can you expect from Karen and Ralphie in the morning? Maybe some bickering and playful jabbing, but there will be always laughter and fun. This is what friends sound like and it’s all real. Having worked together for more than 9 years and friends much longer, Karen and Ralphie have developed something truly special.

They both know what Cape listeners are looking to hear, and more specifically Q listeners. Whether talking lifestyle, entertainment or just providing good music that you have come to love, the Karen and Ralphie Morning Show is now right here on Cape Cod!

Daily Features

Are You Smarter than Ralphie (M-F: 8:10 am)
Each day listeners test their pop culture knowledge against Ralphie Marino to win a $30 gift card to a local business (This Month it’s Mid Cape Home Centers). Tune in Monday through Friday and find out if you are Smarter than Ralphie!

Blake’s Buzz (M-F 6:45 am/7:45 am/8:45 am)
Karen Blake delivers everything you need to know in the world of pop culture, including the latest dirt on your favorite celebrities it’s Blake’s Buzz on the :45’s.

Weekly Features

Favorite Things (Mondays: 7:10 am)
Karen and Ralphie share their current favorite things. Anything from clothing, to technology, food and more.

Tuesday’s Tail (Tuesdays: 7:25 am)
Each week Ralphie & Karen highlight an animal available for adoption at the Hyannis shelter. Details provided on our homepage, and on Facebook.

Anybody Listening Who… (Wednesdays 7:10 am)
Each week Ralphie and Karen will each pull a scenario out of a jar and ask listeners to call in (1-844-843-7999) and share similar experiences.  For example, “Anyone listening who caught their spouse cheating”…anyone listening who “ spent a night in jail”…Anyone Listening who “returned clothes after wearing them.”

Ask Karen! (Thursday 7:10 am)
Thursday mornings on the Karen and Ralphie morning show, Karen will answer listener’s emails and give some personal advice. It’s ask Karen! From problems big and small, Karen gives her take on life, love, work and everything in between!

Are You Kidding Me (Fridays 6:20 am)
Crazy and true stories dug up from around the world and read to our listeners each Friday morning by Ralphie Marino “ These stories will make you ask the question “Are You Kidding Me?”!